Getting Started with Numbers - Provides basic tutorials for getting started with Numbers.

Numbers User Guide - Downloadable user guide for Numbers 09

How do you rotate a text box?

  1. Click the text box once to select it
  2. Hold down the Command key
  3. Move your cursor to the resizing box on the text box - your cursor will change to a curve with arrows on the end
  4. Rotate your text box to the angle you would like

*You can rotate by specific degrees by holding down the command and shift keys together.

Page Breaks and Print Ranges

Numbers does not allow for the selection of a specific print range. However, you can choose to print only specific pages.

Setting Page Breaks in Numbers.jpg

Can I change the default settings in Numbers?

The answer to this is Yes and No. There is a script that will allow you to alter elements of your default settings; however, it is an advance process that most Number users won't want to waste their time and effort on. You can, however, create a new template with the settings you desire for your spreadsheets. You can change the font by highlighting all the cells of your spreadsheet and then changing the font type and size. You can use Inspector to make changes to your page margins, headers and footers. You can even add in your header rows and columns text. Once you have the spreadsheet settings the way you want them, go to File and choose 'Save as Template.' Give your template a name and click save. (*Please Note - The location for your template should be a folder called 'My Templates.' Do not change the location.) When you want use this template, open a new spreadsheet from the Template Chooser. Select 'My Templates' and choose your new template.