Switching from Windows to Mac - Provides a two column look at things you do in Windows and how to do them on a Mac.

Moving from Windows Explorer to Finder - Learn the similarities and differences between Windows and Mac main screens.

External Ports and Connectors on a Mac - Shows a basic image of the ports available on a Mac computer with descriptors. (Please note that your Mac computer may not have all of these ports and they may not be in the same location.)

Mac Essentials - Provides the essential basics of using a Mac.

The Desktop - Learn about the desktop and how to customize it.

The Dock - Learn how to use the dock and how to customize it for your needs.

Applications, Files and Folders - Learn how to use, access and organize applications, files and folders.

System Preferences - Discover the ins and outs of customizing the look and feel of your Mac.

Getting to Know the Software - Provides links to 14 lessons on the various software available on the Mac. It only addresses the basic software that comes on every Mac computer.

Information about My Mac - Use these handy questions to learn more about you Mac like what kind you have and what is the serial number.